About Us

As a child I can vividly remember my Mom working so hard to keep my very dry, eczema prone, sensitive skin moisturized.  As I grew up and managed my skincare routine it was difficult to find products that kept my skin from being dry and literally cracked like dehydrated, desert mud!  (Ugh!)  Fast forward to the future of motherhood, I struggled not just with my skin, but also with my son’s dry , eczema invaded, sensitive skin.  During his early years I did what I knew and what was suggested but became extremely frustrated when so many products were made with ingredients that irritated his skin.  It was then (around 2003) that I began my journey to find specific oils that would keep us moisturized and aid in the health of our skin.  Since then, I have created countless recipes trying to find the perfect blend.  After many fails and successes, I was thankfully pleased to have created a product that I could share with family and friends.  Here I am now, thankful to be able to share with you a product to pamper, protect, and nourish your most precious organ that I know you will love as much as we do.  I am over and beyond ecstatic to share this product with you!