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Coconut Oil Body Cream

Coconut Oil Body Cream

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Coconut oil is an emollient with excellent properties that assist your skin's natural barrier by nourishing and protecting the skin to lock in moisture.   Coconut oil is a medium-weight oil, but this formula is very light.  It goes on smooth and silky giving you soft skin and all-day protection from the elements.  No more dry skin!  Not only is this a great product for your skin, but for your hair as well.  Use as a hair moisturizer as needed. 

Our products are produced with all-natural oils and water.  (Note: this is not a body butter as body butter does not contain water.)  All products are fragrance-free making them an amazing choice for sensitive skin.  


distilled water, coconut oil, glycerin, emulsifying wax, vitamin e, preservative (necessary due to water content to prevent rancidity)


Love your skin!  Always perform a skin patch test with any product to assess compatibility with your skin type!  


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